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Important Phone Numbers


Please, feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, we will be there to help you:


Alessandra: +55 11 99112-54xx    - ahsuaxx@yahoo.com
Franz: +55 11 98122-89xx             - franzschoenxxxx@yahoo.com
Gilberto & Rose: +55 21 2551-32xx or : +55 21 2552-21xx
Roberto Cohen (Wedding Planner): +55 21 2235-3733 or 2547-8826


How to make phone calls (+zz yy xxxx-xxxx):
From abroad: Basic, just dial all the numbers
From Rio:
- To call phones with São Paulo prefix (that start with 11=yy) you will have to dial 015 11 xxxx-xxxx
- To call phones from Rio (that start with 21=yy) just dial xxxx-xxxx (no prefix)
From Somewhere else in Brazil: Dial 015 yy xxxx-xxxx